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SteriPEN Journey LCD Purifier

Clean, pure water with the push of a button. SteriPEN's Journey LCD water purifier is lightweight, compact and purifies 1/2 Liter of water in 45 seconds. Perfect for traveling urban or rural. SteriPEN creates ultraviolet light that disrupts the DNA of microbes in seconds. Without functional DNA, microbes can't reproduce or make you sick. UV light is effective against outdoor microbes such as: Cryptosporidium, viruses, bacteria and Giardia, Traveling pathogens that cause: Diarrhea, Dysentery, Hepatitis and Legionnaires' Disease, plus Household germs such as: Bird Flu & Influenzas, E. coli & Salmonella, Staph & Strep. SteriPEN is easy to use: Push the button, place lamp in clear water, stir until LCD screen indicates the dose is complete. No pumping, test strips clogging or aftertastes. The Journey LCD purifier takes 48 seconds to purify .5 Liters of water and only 90 seconds for a full Liter. Light and compact, with overall dimensions of 7.3" x 1.6" x 1.3" and a weight of less then 5 oz. (142g) SteriPEN will easily fit in a purse or back pack. The LCD read out indicates: dose selection (1/2 liter or 1 Liter), and keeps track of uses. This item is good for 10,000 cycles or 2,500 gallons.

  • Size:7.3" x 1.6" x 1.3"
  • Weight:5 oz. (142 g)
  • Includes: Journey LCD purifier
  • Carrying case
  • Users guide
  • 2 disposable batteries
  • Cycles 1/2 L in 48 seconds
  • Lamp good for 10,000 cycles (2,500 Gallons)
  • Efective against: Outdoor microbes, pathogens, household germs and more

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5 Star Rating


5 Stars millertime5125 - October 13 2011

Steri-Pen is light, easy and effective
The Steri-Pen is an incredibly easy and effective tool for purifying water in the backcountry. It only takes a minute to completely kill all bacteria in your water. I took it on an eight day trip in Colorado and it was wonderful. It barely took up any room in my pack, the batteries lasted the whole trip, and I still got to have that good, mountain taste to my water. No terrible taste like with chemical tablets.

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