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Suunto Vector Watch

Suunto Vector is truly an instrument that you cannot leave home when planning any kind of outdoor activity. Hiking, climbing, off piste skiing all share one common feature in order to practice them safely, you need accurate, real-time information about the surroundings. And this is where Suunto Vector, a versatile device that it is, delivers. Regardless whether you are climbing mountains, riding a muddy bike track, or skiing off piste, Suunto Vector will not let you down even in the toughest of the tough situations. It combines an altimeter, barometer, and an electronic compass with all the features of a sophisticated sports watch. The clear logic of the user interface makes Suunto Vector a real forerunner on the mountain. Its ergonomic design with a large display and convenient control buttons makes it easy to use even in the harshest and toughest conditions. It has an electro-luminescent backlight and a user-replaceable battery.

  • Altimeter: Altitude, vertical speed, altitude alarm, logbook, vertical difference measurement, automatic 24h altitude memory, temperature compensation. Logbook capacity 8 kB, recording intervals 20s, 1min, 10min and 60min, with respective times 10h, 12h, 7 days and 10 days
  • Barometer: Sea level pressure, absolute pressure, pressure difference, pressure trend indicator, 4-day barometric memory, temperature
  • Compass: Cardinal bearing, North-South arrow, bearing tracking, declination setting
  • Chronograph: Stopwatch, countdown timer, calendar, three daily alarms
  • Colour options: Xblack, khaki, black, and yellow
  • Water resistant to 30 m (100 ft)

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4 Star Rating


5 Stars Woodtick - December 6 2010

Great Watch!
I bought this watch because of it's positive reviews and ease of use. So far it's been spot on. The altimeter is easy to set once you know your current elevation and the barometer feature deffinitley gives ma an edge when preparing for weather changes. I haven't figured out how to use the compass yet but I'm "Old Skool" and would rather use a traditional method of map and compass for that purpose any way. Get this watch!

5 Stars TimL - November 21 2010

Reliable Watch
I purchased the Suunto Vector to use as an everyday watch. Overall the watch has been very reliable. Many of the features I haven't used but they are there when/if I need them. The only drawbacks that I've noticed are: (1) the bezel is plastic so it scratches eventually and (2) the alarm is too quiet. Overall I would recommend this watch.

5 Stars Shopper - September 3 2010

great watch!
The vector is a great watch. I have two of these watches. The manual is very easy to understand and makes it easy to learn how to use this watch. The functions are super responsive and have helped me with the log books.

5 Stars Shopper - August 24 2008

Very Good Watch
Very good watch. I had my last one for eight years - had to have it repaired once, and changing the battery can be a pain (because, the battery cover tends to get stuck) - but basically, its a high quality instrument.

5 Stars Robert D. - August 11 2006

Perfect for me
I've been using Suunto Vectors for 4 years now and they are by far my watch of choice. I currently own three. The reason it's my #1 choice? I use the altimeter function with my powered paraglider. By using the vector as my daily timepiece I never have to worry about forgetting it when I go to fly. Use is simple and reliable, I reset (zero) it before flight and it's never let me down. Ten foot increments are perfect for easy reference and the display size is plenty large enough to see when taking a quick glance in flight. Water hasn't been an issue the half dozen times I've taken it swimming, I've always taken care changing batteries. Only now have I ordered a batter change kit with a new battery hatch, O-ring & battery. I like that I can replace the hatch for a few dollars. Support by Suunto has been amazing, I hit my first vector on something in the course of the day and took off the benzel. Never found it, but a quick call to Suunto USA and a new ring and spring set was on its way the next day, no charge. Five minute and a pair of tweezers and the watch looks and functions good as new. Suunto's got it all, great products, fantastic customer support, and even a catch phrase: Suunto - Replacing Luck.

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