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Terra Nova Equipment Titanium 2g Skewer Pegs (Set of 6)


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Terra Nova Equipment Titanium 2g Skewer Pegs (Set of 6)

Titanium 2g Skewer Pegs (Set of 6) are designed for lightweight adventure racing and ultra-marathons. These stakes are 12cm long and dipped in orange paint to make them easy to find in the ground. Included as standard on the Laser Photon tent.

  • For Those Who Require The Absolute Lightest Gear Possible
  • Pack Of 6
  • Length 120mm
  • Diameter 2.3 mm
  • Marked With Orange Paint
  • As Used On The Laser Photon
  • Weight: Superlite 2g Titanium Peg

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5 Star Rating


5 Stars Like2Hike - July 11 2011

Nifty 2gm Stakes
Purchased a set of six of these 2 gram stakes to use on the 2 mid-tieouts along each side of my tarp, with "heavier" stakes (about a half ounce each) at the tarp's 4 corners and 2 ends. Even at 2 grams each, these stakes work very well in that supporting role, especially if angled more sharply away from the tieout than might be necessary with heavier stakes. Reduces the total weight of stakes used for those tieouts from about 56 grams down to 8. Would probably use these stakes only in combination with at least two heavier stakes for my tarp because these 2 gramers are so light (but of course, that's why I bought them). As mentioned by another reviewer, they do not hold well when a lot of tension is needed directly at that tieout. Pushing these stakes into the ground does require taking extra care since they can be bent more easily than heavier (half ounce or so) ti stakes. I plan to use the additional two stakes in the set to pin my stove's windscreen to the ground in order to keep it from blowing away. Just slide the two stakes into the ground, passing thru holes at opposite sides of the bottom of the windscreen, all the way down until the hooks grip the holes at the bottom. In case it matters, note that the painted portion of the stakes that I received is yellow as in the photo for this item, and not orange as the description states.

5 Stars jim draucker - April 16 2010

These are perfect for my ultralight kit.10 stakes add less than 1 ounce to my tarp setup.Added bonus is the orange paint makes them easy to see.

4 Stars Jtnichols - March 6 2011

2g skewers
I found these stakes to short and to flimsy to actually accomplish holding my tent to the ground. I use a Henry sheers tarp tent and there is a lot of tension required to set it up, therefor the steaks were pulled out of the ground because they didn't have length or strength to hold them. However, they do work well to hold the sides of the tent down. So basically these are great for light duty stuff but anything that is holding that up should be leafy o larger stakes.

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