Published: August 2008
A Sense of Place: Tanzania
Old Vietnam uncovered; front-row seats at Tanzania's great chimp picnic; the wild woods of Maine.
Text by Global Travel Editor Costas Christ
Feeding Grounds: An out-the-backdoor chimp safari

In August the dense rain forests of Tanzania’s remote Mahale Mountains sag under the weight of tree-ripened lemons and figs and resound with the hoots of wild chimpanzees that congregate to feast on this bounty. Witness nature’s picnic from Greystoke Camp, a six-bungalow luxury hideout on the western shore of Lake Tanganyika ($750 per person, including meals; The only way to access the property is by 45-foot mahogany dhow (note to self: bring Dramamine). The reward is first-class chimp viewing in one of the simians’ last remaining strongholds.

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