Published: November 2008

Best New Adventure Travel Trips 2009

National Geographic Adventure presents the 25 best new adventure travel tours in the world.
Text by Claire Martin

You’ve got 365 days to work with next year. Our suggestion: take 4, 12, or 28 and do something to change your life. Go for a walk in the Serengeti, learn to climb (with Sherpas) in the Himalaya, save a species in New Zealand. The clock is ticking. The world is waiting.

1. Tanzania: Be the First on Foot in the Serengeti
Outfitter: Mark Thornton Safaris
2. Kenya: Sail Animal Planet
Outfitter: Micato Safaris
3. Benin, Burkina Faso & Togo: Headlong Into Voodooland
Outfitter: GAP Adventures
4. Zambia & Malawi: The Next Classic Safari
Outfitter: Africa Adventure Consultants

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Latin America
5. Belize: Kayak Lodge-to-Lodge in Paradise
Outfitter: Island Expeditions
6. Bolivia: Climb Imperiled Peaks
Outfitter: Mountain Madness
7. Ecuador: Galápagos Gone Green
Outfitter: Geographic Expeditions
8. Venezuela & Guyana: Touch the Top of a Tepui
Outfitter: Mountain Travel Sobek

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9. Nepal: Everest for Everyone
Outfitter: Summit Climb
10. India: The Amazing Megafauna Race
Outfitter: Wild Planet Adventures
11. Taiwan: More Chinese Than China
Outfitter: KE Adventure Travel
12. Indonesia: Where There Be Dragons
Outfitter: Remote Lands
13. Russia: Volcano-Hop in Kamchatka
Outfitter: KE Adventure Travel

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North America
14. California: Building a Better Road Cyclist
Outfitter: Lifecycle Adventures
15. California: A Weekend Whitewater Expedition
Outfitter: Sierra Mac River Trips
16. New Mexico: Into a Billionaire’s Playland
Outfitter: Off the Beaten Path
17. Trinidad & Tobago: The Caribbean’s Best Kept Secret
Outfitter: Paria Springs
18. Alaska: Traverse Glacier Bay
Outfitter: Alaska Mountain Guides
19. Utah & Arizona: The Best of Canyon Country
Outfitter: O.A.R.S.

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Europe & Mideast
20. France: Provence, Adventure Style
Outfitter: Pure Adventures
21. Italy: Tuscany by Sea
Outfitter: H2Outfitters
22. Jordan: Kayak Civilization’s Cradle
Outfitter: H2Outfitters

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Points South
23. Southern Islands: Discover Darwin-topia
Outfitter: Zegrahm Expeditions
24. Fiji: Live the Lost Island Life
Outfitter: Tui Tai
25. New Zealand: Spend a Month in Kiwi Country
Outfitter: Pacific Discovery
BONUS: Around the World—And More
Outfitter: NG Expeditions