Published: December 2008/January 2009
Adventurers of the Year: Advisory Board
We are grateful for the insights and recommendations we received from our advisory board of explorers, athletes, conservationists, and travelers to help identify our 2008 Adventurers of the Year. The members are listed below.
Conrad Anker
Richard Bangs
Arlene Burns
Jimmy Chin
Costas Christ
Wade Davis
Peter H. Diamandis
John Francis
Bruce Franks
Will Gadd
Alison Gannett
Lynn Hill
Peter Hillary
Martha Honey
Frank Hugelmeyer
Dean Karnazes
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Sven Lindblad
Ellen MacArthur
Rebecca Martin
Bernadette McDonald
Peter Miller
Nick Nichols
Rick Ridgeway
Chris Sharma
Shannon Stowell
Lonnie Thompson
Tensie Whalen
Gordon Wiltsie