Published: March 2009
Top 10 Snow Wipeout Videos
Text by Andrea Minarcek

After an exhaustive (and completely unscientific) scouring of the Web, we at ADVENTURE have compiled the Top 10 funniest, most cringe-worthy videos of snow wipeouts on boards and skis. Why? Because watching people fall is funny—plain and simple; it appeals to the giggling frat boy in all of us. (There’s a reason America’s Funniest Home Videos is still on after 19 years.)

Still, we’re not ones to kick folks when they’re down, so consider this list a kudos to those who rode hard—and earned the bruises to show for it.

Think we missed a video that should’ve made our list? We’d love to see it. Send the link our way, in our Comments section, below.

10. This is just embarrassing:

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9. End over end... and repeat:

8. The Backflip:

7. This guy gets it for his friend’s laugh alone:

6. The best montage we found:

Crashes, Wrecks, Disasters, On Snowboard - The funniest movie is here. Find it

5. Marc-Andre Tarte goes for the “double-mint twist”—and hits the deck:

4. We didn’t see this one coming:

3. Incredible air:

2. Tanner Hall’s infamous ankle-breaker is less funny, more cringe-worthy…:

1. … But not as cringe-worthy as 13 flips on the way down an 800-foot vertical drop:

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