Published: August 2009
Inspired by an article in ADVENTURE? Here's how to get involved.

Many of our stories profile people involved with worthy organizations that are looking for support—publicity, volunteers, donations—to continue their work. So it's fortunate that a lot of our readers (like you) want to help. Here's a handy list of recent cause-oriented articles with links to various organizations.

The Article: "The War on India's Tigers" by Paul Kvinta
The Cause: Squeezed for space and targeted by poachers, India's tigers have reached a tipping point. During a 2003-04 killing spree, gangs in Ranthambhore National Park, India's most celebrated tiger sanctuary, reduced the park's tiger population by half. Over the past five years Dharmendra Khandal has successfully busted dozens of poachers, many connected to an illegal international wildlife trade that generates some $20 billion a year. His efforts even helped trigger the most significant change in Indian tiger policy in a generation.
Get Involved: Tiger Watch is an underfunded local environmental organization. (

The Article: "The Secret Lives of Elephants" by Luke Dittrich
The Cause: Across Africa, elephants are succumbing to the twin juggernauts of human aggression and human development. It’s no longer enough to ask how humans can protect elephants. The question today is, How can humans and elephants coexist?
Get Involved: Over the past ten years, Save the Elephants has fitted more than a hundred elephants in four countries with GPS-enabled satellite collars to track their movements across Africa. (

The Article: "Gorillas vs. Guerrillas" by Mark Jenkins
The Cause: Mark Jenkins examines how the bloody upheaval in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has affected one of the planet’s largest populations of mountain gorillas.
Get Involved: WildlifeDirect is a NGO focused on protecting the mountain gorillas. (

The Article: "Voyage of the Plastiki" by Paul Kvinta. Also, ongoing updates of the expedition on our blog
The Cause: David de Rothschild is sailing from San Francisco to Sydney in a 60-foot vessel constructed entirely of recycled materials, mostly plastic water bottles. Why? First off, he wants to demonstrate the unlikely and amazing things people can achieve when they recycle their junk. Second, he wants to show them what happens when they don’t.
Get Involved: Follow the team's progress, see models of the ship, and learn about what you can do to be a better steward of the Earth. (

The Article: "Namibia’s Magnificent Beast" by Mark Sundeen
The Cause: Rudi and Blythe Loutit founded Save the Rhino Trust, and their work has helped stall the black rhinoceros’s free fall toward extinction, a fate that 20 years ago seemed all but certain. Now, the rhino population is stabilizing and the Namibian government is on the verge of declaring a vast chunk of habitat a permanently protected park.
Get Involved: Save the Rhino works to conserve viable populations of critically endangered rhinos in Africa and Asia. (

The Article: "In Virgin Territory" by Jon Bowermaster
The Cause: The Will Steger Foundation is aimed at raising "broad public awareness" about the effects of greenhouse gases. Steger has been speaking out on environmental issues for nearly two decades and has some of the best green credentials in the world. Richard Branson is a relatively recent convert to the cause of global warming who's working to reduce the massive carbon footprint of his Virgin Airways—to the extent of putting up a $25 million prize for anyone who can invent a viable process for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
Get Involved: The Will Steger Foundation's Global Warming 101 seeks to educate people about a worldwide environmental crisis. (