Fringe Elements Video Series
  • Colin Haley Fringe Elements Ice Climbing

    Video: Height Doesn't Matter

    Climbing the World's Hardest (Not Tallest) Peaks

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Expert Tips and Advice

  • Photo: Krissy Moehl running

    Five Tips to Start Trail Running

    Wilderness running is a different game from running through city streets. Krissy Moehl offers up five tips for runners looking to hit the trails.

  • Bryan Smith Fringe Elements Field Editing

    Adventure Filmmaking Gear

    When filmmaker Bryan Smith first pulled out a video camera eight years ago, he had no idea what he was doing. Now he’s shooting regularly in extreme environments. Here are five pieces of gear for the aspiring shooter.

  • Photo: Colin Haley packing gear on a mountain

    How to Pack (Very) Light

    Colin Haley specializes in climbing the world’s largest and steepest mountain faces. Here’s what goes through his head to keep his pack light.

  • Matt Maddaloni Fringe Elements Water Climb

    Starting Deepwater Soloing

    “There are only two mandatory criteria for deepwater soloing—overhanging rock and deep water. It’s pretty simple really,” says rock climber Matt Maddaloni.

  • Paul Kuthe Fringe Elements Approach

    Where to Kayak Tidal Races

    Paddling tidal races requires mastery of basic sea kayaking skills. Paul Kuthe reveals where to try it.

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